I was born and raised in the Greater Detroit Area. Growing up I had a strong fascination with animals and nature that carries through to today. Animation was also a significant part of my childhood, and my love of it has only grown stronger with age. Although I didn’t pick up a pencil and start drawing until 2001, it never stopped me from imagining characters and storylines (today I have over 15 stories and near 150 characters!).

Currently I live in Burbank CA working hard to break in and then thrive in the animation capital, seeking out animation pre-production opportunities. In the meantime I’ve been developing my existing stories and looking into new and creative plot ventures.

(Short but simple, I like that.)

Interests: Drawing, reading, video games (both development and playing), animation (American and foreign), movies, fantasy, sci-fi, comics, nature, exotic pets

Favorite genres: Action/adventure, high fantasy, sci-fi, and dramodies. (That’s not a limitation of course. “Try everything once”)